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Amanda Sheridan:

Amanda grew up in Mesquite, Texas and was a multi-sport athlete since the age of 3. Amanda participated in Dance, Gymnastics, Basketball, Track/Cross Country, Volleyball and Softball. Since the age of 5, Amanda’s main focus and love was Softball. In high school, Amanda transitioned into focusing only on Softball which in turn led to a scholarship playing at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

Amanda moved on from East Central University and transferred to the University of North Texas, where she met her Husband Tyler. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Promotions and a concentration in Kinesiology.

As a Health Advocate and Business Owner, Amanda’s core drive is to educate the next generation on free enterprise in America. To raise up leaders and to have a positive impact on millions of people’s lives and preserve the United States of America as one nation under God. To help families have options and to live a life of happiness and freedom.

Hobbies include: Working Out, Drawing, Self-Development through audio’s and books, Meeting new people, Our Dogs, Watching Movies and Relaxing.

Tyler Sheridan:

Tyler grew up in Allen Texas and was a multiple sport athlete all his life with a majority of his focus playing football for Allen High School. He received his Associates degree from Texas Tech University, his Bachelors in Health Promotions from the University of North Texas, and his Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of North Texas.

As a Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Sales Coach; Tyler’s core drivers for success are to lead a multi-generational family legacy and leave a positive impact on America.

Hobbies Include: Working out, playing with the dogs, reading, watching documentaries, and cooking.

Our Core Values


We believe in having complete trust and a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.


We believe helpful acts and contributions to the welfare of others are important.


We believe and find value in the continuous purpose or action of becoming one.


We believe in building reputations, good names, and public esteems. We believe that success is rooted firmly in moral excellence.


We believe independence and liberation from the slavery of others is imperative. We value the absence of necessity, coercion, and constraint in choices or actions.


We believe in our dreams, our strongly desired goals and purposes.


We believe that binding tasks, conduct, and service arising from our positions in life are forces of moral obligation.


We believe in both the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.


To empower the American dreamer; to facilitate personal growth and development; to be a catalyst for positive change and elevated thought.

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